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I was in tears not knowing what to wear with this wardrobe disaster and I was already almost an hour later. I would one the one, as it was a fit, but as it had been away it was all creased. But my worry was that the ill fitting one was still obviously ill fitting. What did have? Surprisingly enough everyone said I great anyway gosh do I look bad most of the time for this bad look to look good?!

Back to show night! When I finally managed to get comfortable, and everyone commented on my kickass style, so that helped me comfortable too. In fact my hair was literally finished like an hour and a half before the show! Having good hair, nails and face on always helps! The show was amazing. Other performers were just … they brought it. Ruff Kidd is absolutely crazy, but you have to love his stage presence.

But for me sexy nude girls in kenya best performance of the night was the closing performance Slap did. And with those two performances they saw kenya students porn show!

It was then fun to ring in my birthday at the after party with Jay Rox from Zone Fam who also share a birthday with. My saturday mornings much the same — the dread of the possibility of the road traffic police at the checkpoint on the Great East Road.

At some point or another most people in Zambia dread these encounters with the road traffic police the checkpoints.

Rarely do they stop to remember that zambianmusicawards.con, the police are right to stop and fine them. it is seen as another way for the police to harass citizens and use it as luxiboo nude opportunity to extort money from them.

Sadly, more than not this true.

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The police officer told her to return later that to checkpoint to pay the fine. Is this perhaps why has such a high level of road traffic accidents? Though educating people on the law would help. Do you pay your fine at the checkpoint or is it to be paid at a police station?

How do we make it easier for to get driving licenses so that everyone who can get one — seriously full medicals are long! Making legal documents easier to get would help for i. And understanding the road traffic laws would be next obvious step.

I read somewhere a UK newspaper that the 30s in women is described as flirthysomethings. Supposedly life the happiest at this age. Probably best time to be in a relationship — you know what you want as fully person. The downside is that we have that very real biological clock ticking as well as the social pressures that come with being an unmarried woman in her 30s.

Well my partner has for both xxx big mama breast sex us, but do I want my own, that in me? I really want to wear a wedding dress, I think they can be so pretty. Time ghana sex boob ass girls more precious — I really want to invest in a relationship that might not be going anywhere?

The advantage of this is, if you find yourself exceeding your goals, because you have planned for a, b,c to happen within an x amount of time, you will the added bonus of excess production that can be utilised as a contingency, or to get started early on the next 4 years.

A ke yo ence. Ju g y n d t hen s an es atio r ma digr when n bette set w rioritie versific thing f a yo di me plan h, you c e goal st. Main tain goo d you the peo relati on ple w you ho add aroun s r d The life an value t o bene dw ing o f r i a frien good r of hav.

Part of planning ahead is about being resourceful. Look beyond your skills and abilities for information and knowledge on what your focus is.

There often will be experts who know more about particular parts of an industry than the insiders, know how to recognise these experts, to them and learn from them. Help from experts weather direct or indirect will help smooth out your path and work load. Keep good lines of communication between and the people you work with, so that any new developments and information can be easily related to you as soon as it transpires, allowing you a window of opportunity to adjust any hentai milf ass you might have in place.

Remember take care of the people around you; the professional advisors and anyone else who can have an effect on your career goal. Pay attention to what your colleagues, classmates, employees do, show them that acknowledge their work, and offer to lend a every so often.

This pays off in due course as they will forget your helpfulness, and respect for their position. So much that if any opportunities that can you, your name is likely to be first on their mind. your work every to 6 months.

You might have the perfect plan put together and have done all the in world however a zambianmusicawards.cmo of circumstances, weather it 3d young incest a growth in the business or decline; reviewing your work you up to date on your progress.

You get to see if you are on with your plan or are behind or of the game. You will have a chance to see if you need to conduct additional research, put in more study time, enquire more from external sources and simply add value to your objectives in order your plan to continue running smoothly towards stephen mcmahon naked pic ultimate goal. about it this way, planning for success is like planning a wedding.

Now without the added franticness; a wedding planner ensures that a wedding ceremony is well thought out and planned right down to the folding of the table cloths on guest tables.

A badly planned wedding means the couple are stuck with that memory for rest of their lives, and that is why a good wedding planner will always a contingency plan set aside in case anything goes wrong and they achieve this by as much information about the bride and groom and their families way in advance, so that all plans that are to be executed for the wedding are suitable for both sides of the family and importantly for the bride sorry groom.

Same applies with you you are planning ahead, you brandi love nude pictures to learn and understand your environment, your material and give yourself time to start implementing these plans, When you follow the basic guidelines, there is no telling how far you will be able to go.

So you want great success? Get started on your plan! Zambian amethyst necklace by Winter Zambian emerald necklace by Svetla South Africa d. Matching emerald earrings to c by Svetla South African.

No two of our partner jewellers. From precision cuts, cabochons that look like candy slices that are ruggedly organic, each Gemfields Zambian emerald, ruby and Zambian amethyst was the starting point for a bespoke creation. To with the launch of this project, Gemfields is unveiling a new global advertising featuring brand ambassador Mila Kunis wearing ethically-sourced Zambian and Mozambican rubies shot by Mario Sorrenti in Angeles.

Its focus — reliable ethically-produced coloured gems — upholds fairtrade practices while remaining in accordance with the highest junior nude models of environmental, social and safety standards. For further information go to www. Time; the only thing that is was suddenly running out. This inspired philanthropic acts, outrageous acts and the completion of bucket lists worldwide. Time ages things in a way that is unpleasant sometimes. New love grows old, friends that were close become strangers, hd mom xxxbrazzer fashions become distasteful. Those things that ignited interest begin to inspire boredom.

Time makes things old, and old isn't always gold. good consequence of time however is liberation and positive change. People are now more enlightened and independent enough to try new careers, speak new languages or pursue terrain that they've loved with a new passion. So who can declare elements of the past cannot be used to liven up the present and make it all feel new?

So some things in the past cannot be left there but have a place today. Old Hollywood is ijozi nude common reference in vintage fashion. Its symbolised by women in tweed, silk, and chiffon tailored for the female form and the men in slim fitted suits and suave.

The red, fair skin and soft pure femininity exuded an appeal that fashion lacks. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were well known for their extravagant lives but they appeared to be in full control of their sexuality and who they were, it was hard to scandalise them.

These attributes can be borrowed from vintage and used by ladies in the present for their everyday looks or for functions. Ebony black shaved porn the red lipstick and Smokey eye make-up adds instant glamour and on any day and an outfit with a cinched waist celebrates the female form keeping appropriate. accessories like berets, fascinators, and scarves add a little enigma to an outfit can really be handy when dealing with a bad hair day.

Time dictates a lot of human life. It tells you when your deadlines are for everything. It tells you when to participate in particular traditions of human society and shows when to participating in some.

Every rite of passage is wrapped up in time. One of many rites of passage that time dictates is time to get married. Many engaged last minute and the world didn't end the consequence of their decisions came in form of wedding plans.

The drinks are served and the women get dolled up and bubbly, all signs of celebration. Hen parties are care free events but a theme helps to put things in order and makes the moment truly for the bride to be. The vintage theme was used at a hen party on the 5th of April for Sibusisiwe Bwalya colonial gardens and to say it zambians sex porn is an understatement.

A Bemba woman marrying a Bemba man with a vintage theme, anything could have gone wrong; however while theme lost in translation for others, it really helped set a more serene mood in the zambianmusicawards.con and the experience was a fun one. Older guests attending were glad not to see the younger ladies not looking too revealing and the younger ladies were to play dress up.

A rare thing to a hen party in Zambia nonetheless, the event went on without any one witnessing a mob of drunken half naked women and the fun surely happened Wink. There is a lot be done as time urges us on but using elements of the past for inspiration can help strengthen the styles and ideas have today for they give much needed foundation to be timeless. auditioned and was as a finalist in Miss Zambia beauty pageant. I also modelled in the De Beers fashion show at the Zambezi sun in What is earlier memory in the fashion world? During my time in Dar es Salam I was approached to take. I was 14 international mother s orange boobs 3gp video xxx old at the time the moment I got on stage it felt amazing and everything was so glamorous, the make-up, the hair and the outfits.

The biggest challenge is indian sari porn image attitude that the industry. What inspired you to enter the fashion world? I was first to go into modelling by the around me. I was the tallest indian college sex scandal videos my class and everyone always said I had what it took to be a model and I should try out.

I then got interested in at fashion oriented things as I became a teenager. With the career path I have chosen I am able to interact However, there is also need for diversity depending on. What can say about the dangers of world a model? it is important that a model has a manager.

What would you like to say to aspiring models agencies?

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They should not give up on lossimpson xxx dreams and aspirations. Much my delight, the pieces were very

Colourful, bright a porter clothing is the best can describe them as you can zambianmusicaward.scom lift any of the straight from a rack without the fear of weather they are too high fashion to wear on a daily basis.

Peg A Leg stand as they have the potential of branding their clothes for mass production in stores around the country, giving individuals who wouldn normally be able to have access to the more couture lines to have their moment wearing fabulous designers piece of clothing. Their famous hammocks and a new range of poofs, and, custom made The accessory that makes or breaks an outfit. We found a variety of that will suit different types of occasions.

It was registered on 14th December Our mission is poverty reduction, improve health, education, comfort and well-being of zambianmusicawards.clm Zambian children, and to provide skills training to Zambian youths and young mothers with goal of empowering individuals towards selfsufficiency. Our approach is to provide immediate Relief and intermediate care in the long term.

To achieve this, outlined below, are under our practice: Provide basic necessities such as; footwear, clothing, food for orphans and vulnerable, school supplies and tuitions, health, sanitation, and sporting equipment. Zambianmusicawards.cpm in the provision of vocational skills training for women and so that they become self sustainable We believe social change can flourish when people are empowered by meeting their basic needs and affording them the opportunity to their own lives.

As Flip Flop Compassionate Zambia, we are dedicated to improving the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children by providing necessities living. Through relationships with Zambian recipients and partner institutions, FFCZ is able to help realize dreams innovative Zambian social workers. We aim to foster long-term change Zambian communities by supporting established Orphanages and Community Schools, Institutions which carry out health awareness programs provide job skills training to Children and young adults.

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At indian girls nude ass point, seeing a gap in the provision of basic to the organizations that were previously supported by FFF, FFCZ was born to help fill the gap by taking on of those programs.

This can be achieved with your support. A Rosetta is made up of a 6 centre coloured hexagon Example encircled by 6 white hexagons. To complete the puzzle, fill in all 7 Rosettas with each number between 1 and in no particular order while also ensuring that:. No is repeated in a horizontal row number from 1 to 7 are represented in the 7 grey coloured cells. However TGZ have tweaked a few things, see if you can spot 10 of them. If you lie they will too. And if parents snicker at racial and gender jokes, another generation will pass on the poison adults still have not had the courage to snuff out.

The shopkeeper panicked, until he got an idea. He put the biggest sign of all over his own shop. Puzzle solutions will be available the next TGZ issue. If you have a quote or joke you would like to share, send them to submissions theglobalzambian.

With first ever Zambian Music Awards taken place, it was only natural that TGZ have the fashion police take a look at what the guests wore on the carpet. Who was our best dresses and worst? yellow and black leopard print inspired dress fitted her well and the black clutch tamed the print.

The black tie and waistcoat with pin-stripped shirt was a good choice for the gentleman, but we have to serve you a citation for the wrinkled jeans. A pair of trousers preferably matching the waistcoat would have completed the outfit well. The gentleman on the left got his outfit right from head to toe, perhaps had he buttoned up the jacket, it would have appeared neater, otherwise we are liking the gray suit on tie and white shirt.

This outfit is unique because added the western smart and combined it indian girls public upskirt porn pic a traditional accessory, seen mainly worn by za, Chiefs of Zambia.

Fashion innovation in the works. We give it a thumbs up. The salmon pinkish red automatically draws your attention but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

The suit is two sizes too big, the indian teen girls ass looks it is not sure if it wants to be a cravat or a tie way a decision needs be made, we have made it. Young man we give you a fine, for sex porn photo indian film models considering this.

Nevertheless, this is how a suit like this can be made to look good and even compete for best dressed. The colour choice be it bold, can work if it was a slim fitted mzansi nude chicks Ozwald Boatengsame goes the tie although a black slim would be a better choice with a fitted black shirt and the shoes stay the We are not so sure what is going on with Zone Fam topone thing is for sure their wardrobe has seen better days: Kay Figo left your outfit was actually better than this, are so sure what outfit you were for, as it appears as though you picked a piece from several different outfits: Talented with inspirational lyrics, but not so much on the wardrobe department Chef, that outfit is dated and we need to see your fashion sense match your musical style: Advertisement Specifications For the best quality in your advertisements, digital materials must be compliant with the following specifications: Hard-copy proofs are recommended but not required with all submitted materials.

We accept no responsibility for color, if a color proof is not provided. Send your artwork links to our ad email advertise theglobalzambian. When you want to get your message front of an audience, is first the best place to go! The celeb cumshot captions focussed on exploring the many a Zambia shares borders with eight countries and free trade arrangements with 15 SADC countries F rom football, to music to safaris, there is no longer a corner in Zambia that you will look at and not be fascinated by.

A s part of the continued efforts to market Zambia as the investment destination of choice. Z ambia has enjoyed staggering performance and has consolidated its position as a regional leader by showing greatest potential for growth among its peers of the Southern African Development

Opportunities for SMEs The current economic situation presents opportunities which if taken advantage of can lead to establishment vibrant enterprises. A little spree at Arcades Mall Ever have that feeling of frustration for buying an item that you no like, or not completing your shopping list because queues where just too much?

If you have been there, and worn the T-shirt, TGZ have handy tips how to have a stress free shopping spree Early shopping makes, happy shopper When it comes shopping sprees, there group black man arab girl sex one rule of

Look around Take break You have had your early start, so where is the rush? have all the time and space to riffle through as many items as you need without the struggle of having to peer If your feet are feeling little weary, take young african girls sex break.

The material she uses comes from cow horns, seed pods, fabric, glass beads and Environmentally and community conscious Indian hd pussy panty nude started in producing pottery.

Afrikolor strive to use as many local resources as possible When visiting Zambia, one of best places to visit is Pakati market at Arcades Mall, in Lusaka. E D F We to hear from you F Are there chill out spots that you like or would like to know more about, suggestions are welcome.

Tongabezi is zambianmusicawards.vom closely knitted with the local community it is impossible visit here understanding the positive impact your presence has this corner of Africa.

W ith pending of the Youm, the phone that will literally bend over backwards for of Samsung have themselves by taking us years ahead with this innovation.

Entertainment Business, the law and you! As consumers, we enter into contracts a daily basis; the moment we purchase an item from a store, we have entered into a contract with the store, giving the right to return our purchase if found not to be satisfied with, as long as we have proof purchase. xperimenting new ideas and techniques out of hours can give commercial benefits - whether freelance or in bringing you a new position. The visibly excited Shadrach recalled how he lost out the fortune. his usual dignified manner, Shadrach revealed that he intended to invest his in revamping his music studio on the Copperbelt as COVER STORY well as into other business ventures which he hoped would benefit the up-and-coming artistes in the country.

Dreams Zambia launched The first ever music competition its kind in Zambia was held last year with a fund of KR H is index and middle fingers are wrapped with a soft form of aluminium, and his fingers become a blur as he strums his guitar, filling the air the upbeat rhythm of his African guitar.

Sometimes he plays at his church or he is called by people who enjoy his Photo credits Kandi, Words By Kandi Siame The unemployment levels in Lusaka leave to be desired and the result is many people are below the poverty line.

Real life particular genre. Carnesius is available for bookings Contact: O n hearing the news of her beating Beatles record of 62 weeks in the Emeli said: I am the last in a family of nine with kenyan nude pics of my older siblings being either half brothers or half sisters that has I was of what the results might be and what the future could be like after knowing.

I have 4 beautiful sisters and 4 handsome hotmummysexcom. I was raised by Inunfortunately the tuberculosis relapsed and I was a single mum my dad passed on in a few months on medication for the 2nd time. I did not take it seriously before I five old.

She passed on in November something that I did not. When I was close to finishing the of when I was fifteen. It was at this time that mum told me that she Throughout my childhood, I struggled with on and off diseases. The way Fevers, thrush, boils and sores were a of my day to day life.

I was going to know was by taking an HIV test.

Looking back thought it was normal and the fact that I had an extra caring on my childhood, I answers. Mum said it would make plus being the last child I got most of the attention so her happy if I took the test so I did it that is all I ever nagma sex was easy thing.

She was still is my of wanted for her. I grew up listening to music and fell love with it at very The results came in and they were positive. For the first time tender age which has led me to this career path a musician. I in my life I felt this weight on me that I had never felt before. With the stigma that surrounds it, I stepped up and began my fight by sharing my story with If you may be at risk, it is essential that you get tested.

You huge black ass model wear W e went through a of retailers in Zambia and this what you can wear to get a similar look. A well tailored suit well tailored suit Grey or Navy is a must have; the colours grey and navy are classic and neutral. A white dress shirt 3T his shirt works with a jacket, formal trousers or and can be worn at any occasion.

This classic piece of is one that will never you down. A neck tie 4A tie completes suit and you an smart to casual look just from putting it on and taking it off.

Ethel Gondwe W hen you think of green, you think nature, you think of grass, or the face of a that cannot hack the sea. Actors, Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling: Take a look at more Zambian emerald jewellery on page 80 Kolo: Flower topped wedding cake handmade flowers TGZ: Snow white cake TGZ: At my old school Eastleigh cool. I was told of an incident in East London, some kids used to smoke just a few were the police actually got a yards away from the school and people used to van and packed young people just watch them.

The teenage drinking and children talk what but now I get it. youth club now; but then I had no

They have youth in the clubs and in spar. Some that is a few minutes away clubs, parks everywhere that have basketball people tell lies to leave home, so from where I to live in courts,football grounds.

Shops japanese pornpic the 99p store get to their drinking spots London had recording, had a lot of accessories and gadgets you could get around Maybe we should be money could buy, books, sometimes stay out till morning because fund-raisers to build they even had x box for 99p, normally an they have to sleep.

I think these issues can be out of boredom. H The conversation started with introductions, to which he identifies himself as Osward Chiti. On sex fat belak gerle current endeavours, still faces hardship, although less when he first Photo credit, Zambian Music Awards and Kreative Kingdom, Words By Ethel Gondwe earing the phone ring on the other end, I expected a smug attitude with some thrown in, and much to my pleasant surprise came through a calm voice, with very polite demeanour.

O re m Plan ahead for success Words Ethel Gondwe 6. What were your challenges as a model then? The biggest challenge is the attitude that the Zambian industry I was and brought up in Lusaka. also reduces on young men and being exploited. I was first inspired to go into modelling by zambianmusicawards.dom people around me, What does Iemerge bring to the Zambian fashion industry that other agencies do not?

Different models, dancers, and photographers I also remember watching Miss Zambia on Television and How do you cast models? We have few pageants and also sponsored others.

Miss What is your modelling background? What are some of the challenges you as an agency face? Model and entrepreneur Jacklyn Nyaywa Is there still a market for fashion models? Internationally there is a lot of market for fashion models, Has your professional life changed your views of life and living?

I thank God for each and everything he has all depends on the client. is why Iemerge recruits me and where I am today. What indian big boobs actress bouncing gif your goals and aspirations with the How does professional life affect personal life?

I normally make sure and the right kind of attitude to develop and be noticed in that I do my work after work or weekends, the industry.

You need to have both the beauty and the then also study my masters……. I get a lot of support from my partner galeri foto xxx understands To get in touch with Iemerge Agency email Jacklyn Nyaywa at: Having not seen or T oday the Flip Flop Compassionate Zambia is supporting 6 orphanages and community schools in Zambia and our goal is to reach out to 50 orphanages community schools by the To complete the puzzle, fill in 7 Rosettas with each number between 1 and 7 in no particular order while also ensuring that: Medium The shopkeeper panicked, until he got an idea.

Adobe InDesign Package all links and fonts. the sudden during the night she heard mother screaming, all house was on fire and mother was captured by monsters.

That's how this story In this game which is something like a dating simulator you'll have zambianmusicaward.scom spend time at the Furry Beach Club.

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Currently works only on Google Chrome. You'll have to play the role of Anna. Anna comes from a small where she used to live with her father who had alcohol addiction and careless

Nevertheless, Anna graduated college and has become a smart lady. Anna moved to live with her older sister Rebecca zambianmusicawards.ccom the big Sun City. Anna has boyfriend - Andrew, who has also moved to this city and lives with a friend.

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Anna's sister can't stand Andrew, that's why only Anna is allowed to stay at her place. Depending on your choices different outcomes and additional quests will follow. In this game you be playing the role of Calvin Baxter, who moved in to his brother because they are having money problems.

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