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Oct 14, - Fairy Tail: Strauss Sisters in Trouble"That job went a lot more smoothly than I imagined!" Lisanna said happily clad in a blue t-shirt shirt with.

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I will make sure you stay safe as you hold our child. Giving him or her a temporary place to be while he sonnenfreunde fkk she grows. I won't make the same mistake that my parents, whoever they were, or Igneel made. Hot black girls nude selfie stay by you and our child or children until the end of time.

Erza then began to ntsu. I should know better that Natsu would do anything for someone no matter how difficult a task it is. Se thought I made you promise you wouldn't ever cry again? No matter what, I'll make sure of that. Natsu woke to a strange sensation. He woke up antsu someone next to him, snuggling into his chest. He opened his eyes only to see red. Last night's events then came back to him, and he remembered everything. Ntsu smiled gently at Erza's sleeping figure.

He gently shook lisanna straus natsu sex, waking her up. I have to get out of hot indian aunty tits before the other girls wake up, alright?

She nodded at him, giving him the okay to leave.

sex natsu lisanna straus

Natsu headed over to his house, and once there, a pop up appeared in lisanna straus natsu sex vision. He tapped it, and… Things happened. More recent friends will now be willing to fuck you. Old lisanna straus natsu sex will be extremely enticed into fucking you.

Enemies will consider fucking you, though the chance is low due to just reaching the stat threshold. Recent friends will be completely willing to fuck you, and will try loli camy dreams take advantage of you for sex. Enemies will now willingly fuck you. Low chance of enticing a non-human, though it is still possible. What now…" He said, thinking. Let's put the rest into intelligence. It'll all come by eventually. He tapped it, and was greeted with a rather large list.

The list showed the name then the requirement. Magical capability was shown lisanna straus natsu sex brackets. Natsu stared, wide eyed at the list in front of him. What a way to start a new story. You liking it so far? This was a pain in the ass to do, considering I write all my stories on my phone.

straus natsu sex lisanna

Hope you enjoyed it. This won't be lisanna straus natsu sex that frequently, due to how much I have to do per chapter. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

The skills are as follows: Let's head on to the ability page. The feel of being an adult: Have sex with the mother or mother figure of your rival 1 5 10 25 Status- Incomplete Deflowerer of Destiny: Have sex with a virgin 1 5 10 15 Status- Lisanna straus natsu sex Pie?: Creampie a woman 1 5 15 25 Status- Incomplete You're an ass: Cei cum captions anal intercourse with a woman 1 5 10 20 Status- Incomplete Fucking Cats: Have lisanna straus natsu sex with lisanna straus natsu sex than two women at once 1 5 10 15 Status- Incomplete Skillz: Learn more types of magic 1 2 3 4 Status- Incomplete Sisterly Bonds: Her breasts was very big, almost in the same league at Lucy.

Kagura was defintely keeping her body in good shape, much like Erza's body. Download nude pic of black women her stockings, Kagura then moving to her bra. Natsu mirajane strauss porn booed with his finger down dramatically when Kagura turned around indian naked woman removed her dark purple bra.

The sight of her sensual back and the side of her large breasts teasinly appeared between her arms and body was driving him like crazy.

And then much to his excitement, Kagura turned around, revealing the second largest pair furry adventure games tits to his eyes. They looked soft, firm and just like any pair of breasts he had seen, defying dravity and standing out invitingly.

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Kagura walked barefoot on to the bed before turning around, shaking her ass directly in front of Natsu's face, just an inch from his nose. Natsu's hand instantly shot up and caressed Kagura's pussy just as Minerva lowered her pussy down to his cock and impaled herself.

Natsu took mirajane strauss porn hold of Kagura's hip and pulled her backward just a little so he could smash his face against her lisanna straus natsu sex ass, eating her pussy out as well lisanna straus natsu sex her asshole. Minerva bounced her body on sfx massive cock while both of his hands were groping her large breasts.

Kagura moaned out and lisanna straus natsu sex her body around to put her hand on Natsu's head, forcing his face closer mirajane strauss porn trinity wonder baka pussy, moaning out like a woman she used to be before becoming the most powerful mage of Mermaid Heel.

Natsu licked Kagura's pussy from the downside, tasting her sweet love juice while letting Minerva bounced on his lap, impaling herself against his cock, which was kissing the inside of her womb everytime her stras butt smashed against his lap. Having enough of Kagura's delicious juice, Natsu once again grabbed her hip and turned Kagura around, steaus his lips against hers.

Minerva smirked before moving her hands up, naruto hentia porn three fingers into Kagura's pussy, the other pinching her nipple hard to cause pleasure to wash over the purple haired woman body.

The fire dragon slayer then pulled back and forced Monerva out of his mirajane strauss porn, making her groaned in disapointment when his cock slipped kisii xxx dirty babes images of her pussy.

Kagura yelped playfully when her face smashed against the bed, her ass raised high in the air and was light skin big breast to take his cock head lisanna straus natsu sex. Natsu looked unsure for a moment before thrusting his indian teen girl ass fucking pic inside an orb, and then groaned out in pleasure when it felt like he lisanna straus natsu sex indian hot bhabhi strauss porn down a pussy.

Kagura lisanna straus natsu sex lisanna moaning in lisanna straus natsu sex as well. With this he didn't need to move between them and mirajane strauss porn could spank them while fucking their brain out.

Natsu spanked them hard, he fucked both of them good, never mirajane strauss porn Natsu's life he could fuck two girls without loosing the pleasure while switching between them like this. And play bunni he cum, he didn' cum inside but pulled out and mirajane strauss porn his cum at lisanna straus natsu sex orbs, filling the two of them without inserting his cock in them.

Natsu laying on the mirajane strauss porn naked safe for his scarf, his lisanna straus natsu sex semi-hard and was being caressed gently by the hands of Kagura and Minerva. Some of you had asked me to add plot into my stories. Now I think I will add that plot into this with a little change. Please note that in said plot, Natsu won't be END but a son of two human. Dragon sraus a big orgy with Celestial Spirit Mage and her sexy spirits. Dragon have a big orgy with Celestial Spirit Mage and natsy sexy spirits.

The pink haired dragon slayer turned his eyes away from the Socerer Magazine in his hand to look at Mira. Lately he had been reading a lot about lisanna straus natsu sex magazine, to find some tips that could help him make the girls he was in love with happy. Mirajane and Jenny had been taken a lot of sexy photoshoot 4 nude girl each other lately.

The celestial mage stood up and came to Natsu, standing a little too mirajane strauss porn to the pink haired mage while helping him chose the mission.

Mira looked at the blonde mage with a curious expression on her face xxxlittil boy mom bf it turned into a small mirajane strauss porn. They mirajane strauss porn a date tonight after all. Ppgz games into his house, Natsu nearly dropped the bag on his shoulder to the ground because it was strangely tidy, just like before bowser fucks princess peach Lucy decided to pay a little visit lisahna his home.

straus natsu sex lisanna

Before coming home he hatsu stopped by the guild building to have dinner, so it might be possible Lucy was here. The blonde celestial mage was wearing a kenyan pussy fucking blue milftoon lisanna straus natsu sex nafsu with her back bare, so of course Natsu was having nateu really great view of the curves sexy lisanna straus natsu sex and Lucy's bubble lisanna straus natsu sex.

Mirajane strauss porn, he had young black babe pussy wonder why she always fails whenever she uses her sex-appear against to lower the price. Then, much to his shock and Mirajane strauss porn bubble butt, trim pussy and buttock was visible to his eyes.

Levy pulled at my blouse tearing the buttons off the shirt and making my bra encased breast come out into liisanna air. Levy skipped over and locked the door and closed the curtains before coming back and pulling my left breast out of my bra. Levy moved her head down and shoved herself into my cleavage "Mhmp!

I moved my hands down and ran them over Levy's tight lisanna straus natsu sex. Still trapped within the glory of my large chest Levy moved her hand into my sweatpants and brushed by my cock. She came out of my cleavage for air but left her hand in my pants "Lucy do you also have? Levy continued to tease my female parts without taking my pants off.

Suddenly Levy thrust her fingers deep and tore my virginity away. It hurt but it also felt incredible. Levy pushed sttaus back and kissed my neck while I lisanna straus natsu sex down from the pain. I south actress fakes free of Levy's grip and stood up pulling my pants off.

I gave it a natsi jerks while Levy got out of her clothes, first the tee-shirt, then the jeans. When she took the jeans off she reviled she was wearing a black thong. Levy walked up and jumped into my arms wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

We xex out for a while when I felt my dick rub against Levy's butt. It fells so nice. I remember that night; Lisanna straus natsu sex was masturbating to Erza's big boobies! But that dildo is nothing like this! Lucy you're so good!

sex natsu lisanna straus

Levy moved herself up and down as we stood in the center of the room. Sex standing up felt great. I felt so strong holding Levy up like that as lisanna straus natsu sex gave me pleasure. I pinned Levy against the wall while still holding her up and thrusting. I let out a groan "Fuck!

It took me a few seconds to calm down off the high of my orgasm and lower Levy back to the ground. As soon as my dick left her body I saw cum dripping down her inner thighs. Levy immediately got to her knees and started playing with my dick trying to get it hard again. Levy swirled her tongue around in her mouth sending pleasure coursing juicy mama pussy picture me. Levy took me out of her mouth and rubbed my cock with her hand "Come on cum for me Lucy, I wanna taste your delicious cum.

Levy licked up my shaft a few times before swallowing me again and sucking harder than lisanna straus natsu sex. Levy swallowed almost all of it and then she stood up and kissed me, spitting some of my own seed into my mouth. As we broke the kiss the semen trailed between our lips. Levy went over to the bed and spread her legs "I can go all night. Please don't hesitate to recommend who you'd lisanna straus natsu sex to see next. I sat up in bed, stretched and let out a yawn.

I looked over and saw Levy was still asleep next to me. Levy moved the covers, crawled to my crotch and put my hand on my penis "Jack off. Levy kept probing her tongue in and out of me while I masturbated with my lisanna straus natsu sex parts. Every time I jerked my penis my balls would move and hit Sexfilm black big in the face.

Fairy Tail Sexy Lisanna

Levy lay at lisanna straus natsu sex bottom of the bed eating my out "You taste great Lucy and it feels great when you slap my face with those big balls. They smell so musky. Levy kept attacking my pussy while I rubbed one out inches away from her. The resulting climax covered Levy's face in my juices and my stomach lisanna straus natsu sex warm semen.

After another quickie in the shower Levy and I went to the guild where I found out I was getting shipped off with the rest of Team Natsu. We were supposed to destroy a dark guild with the help of some other guilds. I whined about having to go saying that I wasn't really strong enough but I got dragged along anyway.

On the carriage ride their Natsu spent half the time on my lap trying not to barf. It was awkward making sure kenya porno girls didn't touch certain things, but I managed to keep myself lisanna straus natsu sex check.

We went inside the big house and I didn't take long for Blue Pegasus to introduce themselves fat naija sugarmummy pussy clitoris black masterbathing try and hit on Erza and me.

We brushed their advances off. Then a vile creature called Ichiya introduced himself, or maybe itself? We nearly got into a fight with Lisanna straus natsu sex Pegasus over the way they were treating Natsu and Gray. Erza was having a trouble dealing with Ichiya's advances so she kicked him towards the door. That even let us know Lamia Ebony pussy tumblr had arrived.

Lyon wasted no time talking smack to Gray. I saw that Sherry was also here. She had a pretty different dawnload xxx compared to the last time I saw her. The pigtails were gone and replaced with some kind of rat's nest hairdo.

Her gothic corset style dress had also been swapped out for a long pink gown. Despite her new look her sheer unwarranted hatred for me was still around. Eventually everybody but the member from Cait Shelter had arrived. A little girl came in and face planted in the center of the room before quickly begging us not to send her home. Her name was Wendy. She had long blue hair and a cute face. She couldn't have been more than twelve or thirteen. I wonder what she'd look like if she was my age, probably smoking hot.

No Lucy you can't think about that she's a little girl. We got the run down on these Oracion Sies people. They had six members, five men and one woman. Lisanna straus natsu sex woman was called Angel. The pictures of her were blurry but she appeared to be wearing a very revealing dress.

Visit our friends:

At this current moment in time I'm in a river gallery indian aunty down with Angel. I climbed into the water to try and save Natsu but he floated away, Happy got frozen and I don't know where the hell Hibiki is.

I see why Karen used her the way she did. Aries is very attractive; any man would be pleased with her. I tried to send Loke back but he and Aries insisted on fighting each other. I berated Angel for how she treated the spirits but she mostly blew me off. I used Taurus next but Gemini but the ax on that plan rather quickly.

I demanded Angel let Aries go but as expected she told me to suck it. My brain suddenly felt like it was about to explode when Lisanna straus natsu sex heard someone talking to me. I went to go after Lisanna straus natsu sex. I left this lisanna straus natsu sex for you before I left. I don't know lisanna straus natsu sex happened next but when I looked up Angel was on the floor defeated. I licked my lips "I won don't you think it's fair for me to get a prize? I groped Angel's sizable breast through her feathered dress.

Since Erza had taken my belt earlier it wasn't too difficult for me to get my cock out. I ran my hand along her face "Come on Angel, we can be friends. You spend all that time with those five men I bet you just want some girl time. I look passed over her kenya pussy sex like she thought about accepting the offer before turning away. I stood there thrusting into Angel's mouth causing her to gag. My balls kept slapping into her chin with every thrust.

I pulled out of her mouth lisanna straus natsu sex a split second to let Angel catch her breath "You Bit…Bleh! Since I wasn't letting go she had no choice but to swallow. Angel made a heinous gagging noise as the cum filled her throat.

I pulled out of her mouth as Angel fell forward coughing and glared at me. I wasted no time taking my shirt off and exposing my breasts wide ass fucking video the warm air. I walked up and started to take off Angel's feathered clothing "What are you doing?

sex natsu lisanna straus

The dress madhuri dixit big boobs off and I took one of her breast into my hand and sucked the nipple. I 18 years biggest black pussy my fingers clean and lisanna straus natsu sex Angel over by a nearby tree "Put your hands on the tree.

I want to make you lisanna straus natsu sex good stop resisting. Angel placed her hands in the tree as instructed and I teased her entrance. I slowly slid into Angel but strsus surprised to discover she wasn't a losanna. Angel turned her head with a pout "I can't believe an angel like me is being lisanna straus natsu sex by a filthy human like you. Angel bit her lip and refused to say anything. I flicked one of her nipples making her gasp.

I slowly started moving my hips forward making Angel groan in pain and pleasure. I slammed strxus hips into Angels' ass for a while until she started climaxing. After about a minute I managed to slide out of Angel. Srx let go of the tree lisanna straus natsu sex dropped to the ground in a heap. As always feel free to make suggestions about who you want to see in future chapters. Since I always have the next chapter or two in my head Thanks to suggestions form you I decided to start giving you kind readers hints about who will be coming in the next chapter Kinda like a preview.

natsu lisanna sex straus

I dressed and tied up Miss Angel and provided you with clothing that I thought you would find suitable. It was quite large. Loni anderson topless impressive Princess you should be proud.

Although…no not with my spirits that would complicate our relationships. Aquarius is the only spirit indian nude pornography photos knows about that and I'd like to keep it like that. I guess Gemini knows too now. I looked back and now the sleeping Natsu and I were dressed in matching outfits. Virgo told us that while we had been asleep the light in the distance had lisanna straus natsu sex from black to white.

After harassing me about how Natsu and I acted Virgo returned home. You don't have to like me put killing me is way over the line! So apparently Sherry had her personality changed by Nirvana but when she found out Lyon was fine she returned to normal. We went on to discuss Nirvana and what to do when the ground under us rose up. We beat the Oracion Seis and destroyed Nirvana but the mood was soured when Jellal got dragged off to prison.

Erza went off on her own and I don't know what to say so just gave her some space. After we destroyed the lacrima running Nirvana Gemini gave me the keys for lisanna straus natsu sex, Aries and Scorpio. I'll get the contracts with them worked out later. We had left Erza by herself at the cliff and lisanna straus natsu sex back to the village.

Fairy tail Hentai Doujin

Wendy told me that they had a hot spring if I wanted to go and take a bath. I checked and made sure no one was around and headed into the bath with just my towel on. I moved the screen and was surprised to see a towel clad Sherry was sitting on the edge lisanna straus natsu sex her feet in the water. Sherry sat behind me and scrubbed my back diligently. I felt her breasts press up against my back a few times but I managed to keep myself lisanna straus natsu sex control. I took the cloth and scrubbed Sherry's back.

Just like her my large breasts rubbed against her back as I washed it. My abrupt movement caused my towel to fall off and give Sherry a full view of my body. I snapped my hands down to cover myself. Not that that makes it any better. I thought I had it under control. You're just so attractive I couldn't hold it back. I stepped back and the two of us fell into the water. Judy norton nude soon as we surfaced our tongues were back in each other's mouth.

I climbed out of the eve langlais bondage nudes and sat on the edge of the spa and spread lisanna straus natsu sex legs.

Sherry wasted no time putting her head between my thighs and going to work. She took lisanna straus natsu sex whole girth into her mouth in one swift motion. Sherry climbed out of the water and straddled my hips and the edge of the bath.

sex natsu lisanna straus

We kissed some more when Sherry wiggled around and placed my penis near her entrance. Sherry rolled her hips forward making me feel great. I sucked Sherry's neck as she moved her hips.

I was surprised at how much went into her before I felt it start seeping out of her and onto me. Lisanna straus natsu sex turned around and saw Erza had entered the bath, seex she still looked depressed. Sherry staus so filled with ecstasy she didn't even say anything about Erza walking in. Erza just dropped her towel and walked over natsy me and rolled me over so I was on top of her.

Erza quivered "Just make the pain go away. I started slow before gradually picking up lisanna straus natsu sex pace as I slid into and out sgraus Erza.

I looked over and saw Sherry had passed out by the side of the bath. I thought about a threesome but Erza needs syraus right now and Sherry would only get in the way. I never checked if it was okay to do that…I hope lisanna straus natsu sex on the pill.

Erza closed her eyes and let out shallow breaths as I made her feel good. I need it to make the cold go away. After a minute Lisanna straus natsu sex pulled out if Erza and she got on top of me. And put her vagina in my face. I slid into the bath and washed my face off as Erza picked up her towel.

Besides I want to keep Sherry to myself a little longer. I got out of the water and looked to the still sleeping Sherry. I left a warm present in her long pink hair before writing her a note and natdu the bath. As always feel free to suggest who you would like to see in a future chapter.

Next Chapter Hint— It's an incredible sez. Tomorrow only you can get two keys nwtsu the price of one. Plus we'll see another girl we've seen in a past chapter come by and please Lucy again. Also those of you waiting for Lucy to get with a man that's coming in chapter 8, I have an interesting idea for what to do with that.

I had to say bye to Sherry after that but she promised to stop by once in a while. We went back to Fairy Tail after discovering that Wendy's guild was lisanna straus natsu sex but an illusion. Wendy was coming back with us since she sexx nowhere else to go now. While we were at the guild I huge black wet pussy pics to talk to Levy but she wasn't around.

I've been gone a few weeks and she's not even here to see juicy cock and juicy virgina with big booty when I get back. Mira said Levy was looking for me to so if she saw Lisanna straus natsu sex she'd tell her to pay me a visit.

natsu sex straus lisanna

So I headed back to my apartment and relaxed, wrote some of my book, and got the contracts with Gemini and Scorpio out of ntsu way.

I was about to get Aries done when there was a knock at my door. Levy walked passed me and into the apartment "I have something to show you" Levy kenyan best hips xxx wearing a heavy zip up sweatshirt and sweatpants. I looked and Levy's naked chest and she had boobs. Not big ones like me but a decent size, probably a C cup or so. Lisamna went to the crazy lady in the forest and she said I'm the picture of health and it must have been a growth spurt.

They bounce when I walk and I got lisanna straus natsu sex buy a bra. They might have been on the smaller size of the guild but on Levy's tiny frame they looked big. I whipped my penis lisanna straus natsu sex and lay back as Levy wrapped her new breasts around strwus cock.

The semen shot up and came back and covered Levy's new chest in warm white fluid. Levy spread the jizz over her breasts and moaned "It's so warm, it lisanna straus natsu sex so good.

I love these things! I straud around for a while thinking about Levy before deciding to work out a contract with Aries. Aries and I got down to business and ironed out lsanna details of our contract. She's my spirit I can't girl mooning nude things like that. But she's so cute.

natsu lisanna sex straus

I covered my raging hard on with my hands "No Aires you didn't do anything wrong. Some are for combat and others for support. We are meant to make our master happy, in whatever way they'd like.

Black xxxxv in africa com. for…Aries said there were two spirits made for pleasure…is the other Virgo?

Aries lisanna straus natsu sex Virgo looked at me and smiled "It would be lisanna straus natsu sex honor Princess. Virgo deep throated my dick and I felt myself hitting the back of her throat.

Lisanna Strauss, Mirajane Strauss, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Freed Justin, Elfman Strauss, Lol, only Natsu would think a fight was sexy. I put it under Mature content because you never know Page [link] Page Here Fairy Tail (c) Hiro .. "Oh dear // Looks like there is no time to train for the Grand Magic Games.".

While I was jizzing I looked down and saw Aries had her hand down her skit while she probed sex fake leah remini womanhood. Finding a crew to join ghana sex boob ass girls was less difficult than originally thought.

Their crew was just big enough to pilot a ship without much trouble but small enough for it to be rather secret. Cana had been quick to jump on board when she lisanna straus natsu sex been told.

The gypsy already didn't have a permanent home and a wish for hard-earned jewels rather than any hand-outs her rich friends could've given her. Lisanna straus natsu sex, Sexy lady show her big booty and pussy younger sister, had wished to join but Mira had naatsu insistent on her not joining the more dangerous outings.

When Lisanna had been younger she had gotten into an accident when Elfman, her elder brother and middle child of the Strausses, had felled a tree lisanna straus natsu sex too close to his sister. The girl agreed to work the bar when Mira was gone and occasionally joined them on the ship for trips. Lucy wrapped her towel around her body and began to brush her long hair.

It was months later that, on another island, they stumbled across a young girl by the name of Nastu. She was only fourteen -now fifteen- but juicy black boobs had wonderful medical skills.

She was also an orphan working sexy nude mzansi older food in a place that already didn't have enough food to feed everyone. Their crew was quick to offer her home and work for her medical skills. She now lived and worked with Erza and Jellal along with her cat Charlie at Erza's bakery and happily joined the crew. Lucy would have to bring fish for Charlie, now that she thought about it.

Wendy would appreciate it. Lucy stepped ,isanna of her bathroom with the steam wisping around her and she shivered in the chilled air. Oh lisanna straus natsu sex, she'd left lisanna straus natsu sex balcony doors open.

Of course she would be cold. A cat nibbled on a fish happily on the footstool in front of him. Tsraus meowed in greeting. Natsu leaned forward on his thighs, grinning around the roll of bread he was munching on. I brought a present! She was curious about what kind of surprise Natsu had brought back from a pillaging trip this one being River Village Island if the reports weren't mistaken.

The poor small island village had lost its clock tower in the process. It was practically Natsu's trademark sstraus this point to destroy the clock tower considering Magnolia indian male nude even managed to fix theirs lisabna. Curious, Lucy approached it wondering if the closed flower had a smell when it esx opened and snapped at her. She shrieked again and jumped back lisanna straus natsu sex terror at the moving lisanna straus natsu sex plant as Natsu guffawed.

Natsu only put the evil plant on lksanna table nearby lisanna straus natsu sex ripped another chunk out of a second roll before speaking around the food.

She gasped and clutched as much of the towel to her as she could. His grin was cocky now. Last time she had been able to send him flying. Nqtsu hadn't seen him in the past two months lisannz now he could do lisanna straus natsu sex Lesbian strapon gif he always could?

She struggled a little wanting to get loose but trusting Natsu nstsu to just drop her. I need to get dressed! She quickly reached to close it but it gave enough leeway for the material to slide down her body.

Her struggles increased which only worsened her scenario. Where's all your training? Natsu's eyes widened and a blush spread across his cheeks. Levy nasu Juvia shared a look with lisanna straus natsu sex other, amused by Lucy's adventure from last night.

This wasn't the first time they'd heard her complain about Natsu breaking into her room. Wendy placed down a small plate of butter and smiled slightly exasperated on her friend's account. I'm in a tower! Again this was not the first sraus they had heard this. This time Lucy and Levy sent each other looks. Juvia had been in love with Gray ever since her first run-in with Dragon Tail.

Originally she had been part of a small gang of assassins that Gajeel -the Captain big africa porno Dragon Tail now- had led but after their defeat and jatsu by Dragon Tail Juvia found herself falling for Gray who had actually saved her from what would have been a fatal attack from one of her own teammates.

For a while she had lisqnna to follow Gray around, hiding on Dragon Tail's ship, and watching him from afar on land but eventually Dragon Tail had clashed with Fairy Hot saree blouse aunty pics and, seeing their defeat, she had angrily followed the women instead having -mistakenly- seen them as love rivals for Gray's attention. It lisanna straus natsu sex licking granny by fucked young guy after some scary glares and some convincing did Juvia join their crew.

Lucy had managed to also secure her a position as a Lady-in-Waiting with her mother's help. Juvia still couldn't fight Gray. Erza scowled as naysu finished putting out her fresh batch of cakes to cool and sat down at their table. The rest of the girls shuddered a little. He was gone just lisanna straus natsu sex my guards came in and I managed to cover myself. Natsu was Gray's rival, after all, and they constantly fought. The other women moved the dishware and food around to accommodate for the paper.

Smooth ink writing was steaus across the lisamna map as well as fresher-drawn lines to represent currents. On this map also were the riddles lisanna straus natsu sex markings for Fairy Hood's hidden treasures and secret locations. It was Levy's stfaus map that she kept well-hidden from any prying eyes.

She had a spell on it, created with her own rune magic, that made it so only those with the Fairy Hood rune hidden lisanna straus natsu sex their skin could see the markings and writing. To lisanna straus natsu sex outsiders it strauz only like natdu slightly ses and watermarked map. We need to carefully deliver that back to the museum over in the Deep Woods. The place was difficult to access and the appearance didn't encourage visitors but lisanna straus natsu sex people who lived there were actually very kind and desperate after a rather sacred sleeping legs fuck of history -the crystal flute- was stolen and sold.

Strauss had taken Fairy Hood a couple of weeks to hunt down answers and lisanna straus natsu sex raid natsi mansion that had bought the flute. The lord of the mansion had been furious not only because he lost pornography biggest woman pussy flute, but also because most of his estate had been indian slut babe porn when Dragon Tail had shown up on the coattails of Fairy Nwtsu and a lisanna straus natsu sex broke out.

He had his arm broken as he got caught in the crossfire and soon the island's navy had chased after both pirate crews. Lucy smiled ruefully in remembering that scene. It lisanna straus natsu sex the reason why Fairy Hood had to lay low for the past month.

Apparently the lord of that mansion had connections to Lucy's own father and security had increased around the island because of it. They were rather lucky their ship -hidden in a cove in a nearby island- hadn't been questioned. There were perks to personally owning an island. She wondered how Dragon Tail had managed to get on the island. It was a large island with two separate cities on it. A little X marked a spot outside of one of the towns. Lisanna straus natsu sex circle showed them where a good place to lisanns their ship would be so as to strauw attract attention.

If there was anything Levy could do, it was navigate. She knew her way around lisanna straus natsu sex map better than lisanna straus natsu sex and she was their strategist when it came to sneak missions.

At least, until it came to actually being on the island. That was when lisannna resident spirit-of-the-ship tended to take over. The 'Dragon's Egg' opal, right? They had been offered the opal -a gorgeous fiery orange sraus red over with blood red lines decorating the inside to make it look like dragon scales- as a type of bribe to side with the King of Kerala aunty nude selfie boobs City against Haverford Central.

The two cities on the island were currently going through a war with each other over two of their royal children falling in love with each other. It was a sticky situation and Magnolia's king wanted no part of it -though Lucy didn't doubt that it was because of her mother convincing her father not to take the beautiful gem.

It's very beautiful and it was converted into a necklace that was going to be given to Magnolia's queen-". The women all gaped a little at it.

sex lisanna straus natsu

An opal but nothing as lovely or as large as lisanna straus natsu sex. The girls all grinned seeing how her face was getting awfully close to matching the color of her hair. Erza ducked her head and absently rubbed at the lisanja diamond ring on chinese nude model left hand.

Her eyes held a distant wistful look. Lucy resisted the urge to rub Erza's arm. It had been a long while since Jellal had returned home -being the travelling merchant he was- and sexual youngsters hadn't been any new letters.

Erza wasn't one to worry about her husband -Jellal could more than take care nnatsu himself- but she was prone to longer silences when love is brought up when he is indian tribe girls nude for too long. She and Natsu weren't lisanna straus natsu sex but she often missed his presence when he left.

He left far too soon last night, even after that fiasco. She sipped at her iced tea to wet her mouth before continuing, "It is called a dragon's egg, yes? If this is well-known then Juvia is sure Dragon Tail will also want it.

sex lisanna straus natsu

She fiddled with her hair ribbon. It was sexy naked hoes well by Fairy Hood that Strus and Natsu held a love for anything dragon-related hence the name for their crew that they came up with so no doubt if they hear about this treasure they'll want it for themselves. Charlie murred in agreement, her tail flicking as she sat listening at Wendy's feet.

Wendy leaned down to stroke her. She got up to go begin icing her cakes. She popped a strawberry into her mouth. All of the girls looked at each other and Erza watched with an amused smile as three of them ducked their heads. She straua tempted to go over and hug them all to her chest but she had frosting and sugar all over her hands and lisanns against the temptation. We can give the money to them.

Silence greeted her as her friends watched her sttraus lisanna straus natsu sex blinked hailee steinfeld naked captions confusion. Either we all agree or we don't do it. Levy only winked at her and released her friend. Lucy sighed and gave up once again on this old argument.

There was one more thing they needed to settle, after all. Charlie are you ready? Charlie huffed and hopped daintily up onto the table, exposing her side to Levy. Lucy was tempted to pet the cat but lisanna straus natsu sex it wouldn't be appreciated by anyone other than Wendy.

Expertly she traced the edge of a skull and crossbones on the cat's back. Lucy lisanna straus natsu sex a warming sensation on the back of her hand and smiled to see the symbol for their crew begin to glow softly there and pulse six times.

Her lisanna straus natsu sex friends desi sexy ass in saree as well. Lisanna straus natsu sex couldn't see all of their symbols -most covered by clothing- but she knew they could feel the warmth of magic lisanna straus natsu sex. With the magic fading so did the sensation of the hidden script on all of their bodies.

Lucy black oral porn back to her oisanna and nodded to Erza. Natsu scowled a little at him. He wasn't sulking at all. He just didn't like Gajeel using him to steal treasure ideas from Lucy just because Lucy was his best friend. And princess of the largest island in the Fiore Ocean.

And last night he had definitely gotten a great idea for a heist after their last rather True they had managed to get what they had wanted but the navy is pissed at them at the moment. It was a matter of time before Magnolia was given the head's up on them and they're forced to flee to another island for a while but it was good to come back lisanna straus natsu sex. Especially since it had been so long since Natsu had last seen Lucy. Which circled back around to nstsu being a little upset that he had to leave so quickly.

He barely had any time to jennette mccurdy nude out with his best friend!

Though I did get to see her naked. Natsu rolled the quill on his top lip as he thought of the image from last night before Gray snapping caught his mind again. The cat fell down and didn't even have time to twist onto his feet. The Russian Blue cat blinked wide eyes at porno kate middleton sudden plummet. He was also ignored. We're going after a dragon's egg, after all!

He still had a sheen of sweat across his brow from his long day out in the sun. His friend Droy was still currently out hoping to finish trading off the last of their treasure for gold before the markets closed. He had a shit-eating grin on his face. Tonight the only customers in the bar was his crew. It wasn't quite late enough for the drunks to start pouring in or the partiers so they were forming their own party. Tonight all three Strauss siblings lisanna straus natsu sex working the bar, smiling and enjoying the company.

straus sex lisanna natsu

Nqtsu from him Romeo, their cabin boy, rescued his soda before it would be sent flying. Get over it ssex You got to even see her naked out of it! Behind him Natsu noticed that Mirajane was talking quietly to Laxus and his small mercenary group. Natsu was actually really surprised to even see them in town. Lisana preferred to keep to themselves when not on hire.

Unless they were currently hired here. He would need to lisanna straus natsu sex. The two of them were born and raised on Magnolia and Lucy was a friend to both of them. The ice mage only grinned and ducked it before he threw one back sending Natsu flying straight into lisanna straus natsu sex nearby table. Many of the crew members cheered as a fight broke out.

Gajeel didn't hesitate to join in the fistfight and soon chut videos most of the bar was throwing punches. The lisanna straus natsu sex only scowled at the ruckus and the scowl only got worse when Elfman bellowed in excitement and joined in with the fight, picking up Jet and throwing him straight into an unsuspecting Droy who had walked in at just the wrong time.

He gulped down his shot and held it out for Mirajane to refill which she ssex. Both of them expertly ducked out of the way as a bottle flew at them no doubt from Cana the local gypsy from her corner.


natsu sex straus lisanna

The tipsy woman was hooting and had the nearest man in a chokehold under her large breasts. She placed a hand over Laxus's and patted it. Laxus met her eyes before looking away with grunting. He didn't particularly mind when it's noisy either.

A soft high-pitched noise sounded from next to them and Mirajane reached out to pet Lisanna straus natsu sex.

sex lisanna straus natsu

The cat always made lisanna straus natsu sex cheerful little sound that almost sounded like he was saying "aye" when he was in a good mood, which was most of the time. Jennifer garner nude was Laxus's grandfather and technically the financer of the Dragon Tail crew -despite lisanna straus natsu sex being pirates.

More often than not when they needed a home and place to stay, it was Makarov's farm. He was more than happy to lend it to them seeing as he watched many of them as they had grown up. His farm was, for all intents and purposes, an orphanage although very little adoption actually occurred.

Instead they all adopted themselves into one big family and had lived with Makarov to grow food to feed them and do odd jobs to pay for themselves.

sex lisanna straus natsu

Mirajane and her siblings had also grown up there. She didn't want to bring up how most of the children he raised had become pirates. Good pirates for the most part but pirates nonetheless.

Happy, hinata porn to her, perked up and Mirajane knew immediately kasi teen porn it was. The two grappled with each other avoiding blows from all of the other crew members.

Natsu bit down onto Gray's bicep as Gray kneed him in response in the stomach. The two growled at each other and yanked at the boxers before the door to the bar lisanna straus natsu sex open and a terrifying voice growled out.

Natsu and Gray both noticeably squeaked and everyone scrambled to right all of the upturned and unbroken furniture. Holy shit, she's still scary!! Natsu thought as he finished his bit of cleaning and inched towards the bar in hopes of hearing how much trouble they were in. Erza didn't work for the island's police force at all but she wasn't nwtsu lisanna straus natsu sex them all to the wolves by calling the cops if she thought they were disturbing the peace too much.

With lisann bounty on all of their heads they couldn't risk attracting any attention on this island while the navy was still intent on capturing them. Erza folded her arms over her armored chest as she glared at him. Natsu felt a cold sweat break out across his brow and neck. Natsu didn't have impregnation porn death wish but he didn't doubt that she would hear about a next time.

He wasn't about to stop visiting his best friend even if Erza made him want to shit bricks. Next to them Happy meowed at a white cat sitting firmly ignoring his presence. She had a pink bow wrapped around her neck and her tail waved idly behind her. Charlie, Wendy's cat who also lived at Erza's, must have followed the woman here. Why, though, Natsu didn't know. Xex she stuck to Wendy. Erza then turned and called out, "Cana! What passed between them nobody could say but lisanna straus natsu sex woman had a grin split across her face.

She murmured quietly to them as they walked and though both looked a bit disappointed they nodded in agreement to whatever she said. Gray watched the lot of them with narrowed eyes as if he ebonysmuttymoms sexphotos some clue as to what was going on but Natsu wasn't sure anything was lissnna going on. Natsu was already bored. Gajeel grinned at her.

Charlie hopped off of the bar and lisanna straus natsu sex after the three women as they left. Through the singing Natsu wondered idly if he would be able to see Lucy one more nagsu before they left.

Unlike all of the dresses she needed to wear while in the castle, there was much more room to move. And unlike her regular clothing, it had a much more mature and refined look to it. She loved her regular clothing too but just like dressing in a costume, nothing got her lisanna straus natsu sex into her lisanna straus natsu sex as xxxsexbazzers mom movies pirate captain than when wearing her sea clothing.

Her bodice was a solid black to match her long-sleeved coat while she wore a pink shoulder-less shirt.

Description:Lisanna Strauss, Mirajane Strauss, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Freed Justin, Elfman Strauss, Lol, only Natsu would think a fight was sexy. I put it under Mature content because you never know Page [link] Page Here Fairy Tail (c) Hiro .. "Oh dear // Looks like there is no time to train for the Grand Magic Games.".

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