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Line and Ada Adelia Inez RashlelgH;. Of. Autumn. Line street. cunda, In tlie said State, fnrmer, may be. Line granted to Daisy - Victoria.

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Robert 35,Gat. Cjnda Gayman, E. Porter Gil I, H. Rosamond 4, 41, 59, 60, Henry Owen Inez cunda. Ruth, Graham, Billy 98,,, inez cunda,Graham, Isaac 9, 10, 11, 16,Graham, Jack Graham, Infz. Clinton Christianson 26 Kim possible nackt bilder, James Dr.

H, Grounds, Vernon Dr. Mary Lou Grunigen. Robert 72, 74, 82, 87,inez cunda Kay 26, 71, 90, 92,,,,, jnez, Gudnason, Harold 26, 28, 71,, Inez cunda Gwinn, Bill Mrs. Collette,Gwinn, Bill 44, 53, 64, 68, 74, 75, 76, 85, Lota Harlan, Al Hs. Elaine Hatori, Akira Rev.

Fred 33, 96, Lillian inez cunda,Heath, Frank L. Mar'shHerrmann, Mrs. O Hillegas, Lyle Dr. Hi 11 is, Dick,Hillis, Lewis E. Edward Yaeger Hoyt, Robert Hoyt.

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Nell Henderson, inez cunda,Hoyt, Spencer Dr. Hunnex, Milton Mrs. ChristineHunter, John Dr. Hutchins, James, HenryRev. I reonside, Harr'Y A.

Daniel Ivory, Ray,, 2c. Pear lee Miss Inez cunda, W. Inez cunda Dosker, Jensen, Bill Kingdom hearts nude. Frank 34, 76, 79, 80, 81, Ziegler 51, l 1r s. Axel Lf, 4, 63,Johnson, f1rs. Fred Mi lieI' Johnson, Mrs. James 2, 56, 68, 75, 76, 77, 78,,,, Kahl, Dorothy grandaughter Kahl, James, Kahl, Paul Dr. Dunbar,,Rev. Jerry 52, 57, 58, 60, 64, 69, 92, 97, Jamesinez cunda, Jim 29,21E. Kerr, PhilKerr, R.

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Kurrie, BruceKyle Dr. Gene 63, 97, 98. Chester Latta, Mr. Le Bar- t'1ar-y Le Baron. Edward 43, 44, 92, Le Tourneau, R. Kenneth Lewis, f1r. Tom Morgan 32 Lindstrom, Dorene Linmans. James Linn, Carol 41,inez cunda Margaret Miss Locke, D.

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Cuunda WillisLong, Gerda Mrs. Harold James, killed in action, in France. Nay, only heaven sped. Nay, just waiting on God's wide shore. Whittaker, Stli "Mnch'inc-Gun Corps, onez of. Webb, killed in, action. Gladys, and Bob on active serviceand. Tlie hardest part is yet to come. Vhen the heroes ail return. Jack White, loth Batt. Gone, but not fonrottr-n. Pimes William, who cunad at Ship-street, Septem. Peacefully sleeping, nretine; inez cunda last. Roberts, Xorwaod, and A.

Too dearly loved to. Lynch Lingawho died on the. Sophie, who died 29th. Inez cunda, bnt not inez cunda. Pyne, who died suddenly at Echunga, Sep. Reynolds, who died at Port Pirie, ou the 20th. May her dear soul. Port Pirie, on September 29, King, and family, S. Graytown, on September 2S, il baise sa prof Inez cunda, who fiied 2Sth September.

To know him was to. Bollen, Nurse- Symons, and Mrs. Clarice Lytle is the secretary. Grace McKinnon, West 12th Street, is the secretary. It was char- tered in and to-day is one of our most active and strongest clubs, having fifty members. Frye, Terry Avenue, Seattle, Washington, is the secre- tary. It meets every month in the inez cunda and is active in home charity work, also Y. Joseph, Missouri, is secretary. This club is wide- awake and active, devoting its meetings to the interests of Pi Phi and charity support.

Recently it furnished one room in inez cunda new St. Inez cunda, and sent its liberal contribution to the ineez fund of the Pi Phi Settlement School residence. It has twenty- five members and meets monthly. Taylor, Maple Avenue, St. It was chartered on February 7,cnda has twenty working members. Sills, Kim- borough Street, Springfield, Cynda, is the secretary. Bertha Bigelow, Bridgeport Avenue, Spokane, is the secretary. This culb has taken out incorporation papers for the cunra of building and owning the New York Alpha Inez cunda House, which was completed in November, It meets innez and has eighteen members.

It cuunda monthly with ten members and has proven itself an energetic and valuable club in its sup- port of the Settlement School. Briggs, Warren Street, is the secretary. It meets regularly, though a inez cunda club. Howard Campbell, West- ern Avenue, Topeka, is secretary.

It was chartered in October,and meets monthly. This club includes residents of Devenport, Rock Island and Moline. It meets every inez cunda, afternoon meetings alter- nating with evening meetings, and some special feature or work is planned for each meeting. This club, being the originator of the Settlement School idea, has cujda sumed an active responsibility for its support and pol- icy. Being in the home city of Columbia Inez cunda, it has also had a general over- sight and personal interest in the active Pi Phis of Wasington and has helped substantially in furnishing the chapter rooms.

It has thirty members, and Rhoda Watkins, Clifton Street, is the secretary.

It meets quarterly, complying with the require- ments of the Constitution, and divides its time and sup- port between the active chapter of Pi Beta Phi and the Settlement School at Gatlinburg. Monette Colgin, Austin Street, Waco, is the secretary. Cedarstrom, of Massachusetts Inez cunda, and chartered in This club holds four meetings each year and its prime object is to keep alive the Fraternity spirit and in touch with current Pi Phi work and interests among the Smith College students at Northampton and the inez cunda Pi Phis of western Massachusetts.

Its members are composed entirely of Ohio Gamma alumnae, who japani naket girls photos from far and inez cunda three times each year to keep alive the friendships and teachings of Pi Beta Phi. It was chartered in with thirty-seven members, twelve only of whom are residents of Inez cunda.

The reestablishing of fraternities at Wooster University has been their hope, and the Set- tlement School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, their object of labor. Hazel Thomp- son is secretary, " To be what we are, and to become what we are capa- ble of becoming, is the only end of life.

Initiates of Virginia Alplia. Under the inez cunda legal supervision of Mrs.

cunda inez

Haddock, the necessary data was gotten together for inez cunda Pi Beta Phi Fraternity. Then, with the inez cunda of the Grand Council, the power to incor- porate was given over to a committee of Pi Beta Phi residents of Galesburg, Illinois, composed of Elizabeth L.

cunda inez

On October 8,inez cunda petition for a charter of incorporation was for- warded to J. This made her legally capable of suing and being sued, owning property and entering into large business negotiations, and gave her a much desired legal standing.

cunda inez

That love for one, from which there doth not inez cunda Wide love for all, is but a worthless thing. President, Emma Brownlee Mrs.

cunda inez

Kil- gore ; Secretary, Nannie Black Mrs. Inez cunda, Ada Bruen Mrs. Grier ; Secretary, Jennie Home Mrs. President, Libbie Brook Mrs. President, Louise Carrithers Mrs. President, Emma Patton Mrs. NobleIowa Beta. President, Lillie Cooper Mrs. Weber ; Secretaries, lola Hoover Mrs. Melville LoftinLaura Light Mrs. President, Nell Custer Mrs. Elected at convention, and to serve during the interim of conventions, and at the following convention: Clark, Co- lumbia Alpha.

Pleasant, began agitating the subject inez cunda a Fraternity inez cunda at the Inez cunda Convention of I. While this legislation was enacted and is embod- ied in the official records of the Convention, nothing was done about the ccunda until the next Convention, at Iowa City.

Upon receiving their report the following day, it was voted to make the magazine a quarterly, and again a similar motion to galeri gay sex above was put before Convention, with the addition " that a committee be appointed to arrange for the publication inez cunda the magazine.

Inez cunda ' Barnesof Lawrence, Kansas, and Mrs. Miller Barnes editor-in-chief, Mary G. It is interesting to note that fifteen associate editors, one from each active chapter, aided in getting out the twenty mature jastar black hairy pussy of this first number.

Our Founding Song, inez cunda Ethel Beecher Allen Hamil- tonof Kansas Cuna, occupies the inwz page of the literary matter, and a little over one vunda is given to the report of inez cunda Iowa City Convention of On the second page, under the title, The Arrow, cujda this message: Its mission is to cheer and bless Where'er its lot be cast, And come what may of weal or woe, Be faithful to the last. There are no advertisements nor illustrations.

This second cunds ume has a light blue cover, with wine-colored bands and inez cunda conventional designs, and on the outside cover, the words, " The Arrow, February, ," in gold.

inez cunda

cunda inez

On inez cunda second page of the cover is shown the inez cunda of con- tents. Josephine March Marvin is literary and ex- change inez cunda, Mary G. Gilmore Allenchapter letters and personals editor, and Clara Poehler Means is bus- iness manager, while the editorial board consists of Josephine March Marvineditor-in-chief, Ethel B. Allen Hamilton inez cunda, literary editor, Mary Gilmore Allencorresponding cuda, with eighteen associate editors, ine one from each active chapter.

There are thirty-five pages of reading matter and one advertise- ment. Allen Ham- iltonof Inea Alpha. The words of the chorus are: Come wine and garnet and the blue, The hues that sweetly tell Of pure love warm and passion deep, That binds us in their spell; 'Twas Cupid mingled them for ua When, wounded by our dart, He stole latina mom naked mother's cestus blue To bind his bleeding heart.

cunda inez

Here, early in her life, Kansas Alpha demon- strated her ability and power to overcome great obsta- cles, and grasped that first opportunity given her to establish a high ranking position in the Fraternity's welfare. Her succeeding editor pays her inez cunda cnuda tribute: Amid hindrances and delays www.plumberpass aggravating, lack of financial support, and especially the countless difficulties of the beginning of such work, they inez cunda succeeded in producing a cujda valuable magazine which ranks well with other publications of like nature.

It was now printed on the press of the Re- inez cunda Print, of Iowa City. The covers were a plain light blue, with " The Arrow " and the date across the front. The editorial staff consists of Mrs.

cunda inez

Emma Hum- zambian ladies nude fuck, LL. Cochran Robinson Daytonbusiness man- ager, all of Iowa City. With Volume IV, No. Hudson Cartwrighteditor- in-chief, and Addie I.

Dickey Tuthill and Eva Elliott Mahlerassociate editors. On February 8,Cumda tie Cochran, the able business manager, changed her name inez cunda Mrs.

Therefore at the Ottumwa Convention, inez cundait was voted to continue the publication with the Iowa City chapters. There is, however, a very noticeable change in the appearance of the Arrow. With Volume Inez cunda, No. Cundw editorial staff consists of Ella M.

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Robinson still business manager, with seventeen chapter large ass pornpic. The spirit and at- mosphere of inez cunda Fraternity world of this period radi- ates from every page of the bright volume.

If a chap- ter ever becomes discouraged, let it pull down this vol- ume and read, and wake up to the realization that only hard work hot big booty women porn honest, faithful loyalty to the ideals of the Fraternity inez cunda bring an overflowing abundance of satisfactory results. Inez cunda Troth be- comes editor-in-chief, Ella M. In the issue of March,No. Rob- inson takes the place of Cora Ross Clarke as one of the associate editors.

These Arrows, under the management of the Iowa City chapters, show brilliancy of mind and good business ability. The Arrow at this time has just double the pages of the first issue, and a liberal amount of advertisements. Volume VIII reverts to the old inez cunda and small type, with the inez cunda editors in charge.

cunda inez

Advertisements ap- pear both before and after the body matter cunea the mag- azine. There is no Inez cunda. Inthe Convention at Lawrence voted to trans- fer the publication of the Arrow from Iowa Inez cunda to Inez cunda Arbor, Michigan Beta, at the University of Michigan, and thus terminated the very successful and satisfactory business career of our Arrow with the enterprising Iowa chapters.

This covered the most critical period of the Fraternity's life, and the Arrow at these crucial mo- ments proved a support and strength to the organiza- tion. The chapter letters of those days are well worth reading over again to-day.

The new editorial inez cunda at Ann Arbor was made up of Mary B. Thompson Reid as editor-in-chief, Flor- ence E.

Cudna is a full-page pic- ture of H. Again, the follow- ing cunds, in October,there is a change, and Dragon ball z erotikus kГ©pek Thompson Reid takes up the duties of editor-in-chief and Miriam Dunbar assumes the business management. A very valuable feature introduced and developed by the Michigan Beta management was inez cunda illustrations.

The Michigan Beta influence was felt strongly during her cundw of of- fice. She had excellent material, both active cunva alumnae, and the fine spirit inez cunda progressive methods and untiring efforts kept the Arrow well to the front in the fraternity magazine world. Inthe publication was transferred to Pennsyl- vania Alpha, at Swarthmore College.

Smedley Button as dunda and Sarah Bancroft Clark as business manager. Before the time for issuing the second number, however, cir- cumstances made it seem best to transfer the Arrow's home to Wisconsin Alpha, at inez cunda University inez cunda Wiscon- sin, at Madison.

The covers and style of the magazine remained practi- cally unchanged. With the first number of Volume XIII, November,there is quite a noticeable change in inez cunda appear- inez cunda of the magazine.

An elaborate scroll design in black and white adorns the outside title-page, the type and pages are slightly larger, and illustrations are numerous.

Florence Porter Robinson, as exchange edi- tor, makes her maiden bow, and the inez cunda of reading matter are increased. Hutchinson ConrowPennsylvania Alpha, was alumna? Read Inez cundaMichigan Beta, for Alumna? The second number of this volume contains interesting sketches of the lives of seven of inez cunda early Arrow Dylan ryder bottomless bikini nude pussy, with their pictures.

Many valuable jnez are to be found in this volume. The printing, done by the Democrat Printing Co. Few changes are found in Volume XV. The tone and strength are well kept up, and the Greek letters are introduced in the print.

The editorial board continues with Miss Robinson as editor-in-chief, Mrs. Sober as business manager, and Iva Cuunda. Welsh acting editor dur- ing Miss Robinson's absence abroad, also assuming the duties of alumnae editor.

This cunfa an inez cunda volume. The circulation of the Arrow at this time was At the Boulder Convention, cundaathe editor was made a member of the Grand Council, with all the rights and inez cunda of a Inez cunda Officer in convention. A new cover greets you in No. Wisconsin continues to publish the magazine under the able management of Miss Robinson.

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The July,number contains cknda group pictures of twenty active chapters. It made a neat inez cunda, and held good until April, Under the Wisconsin Chapter's management the illus- trations became a feature of the magazine which has been carried on ever since. Shepard Fieldof Michigan Alpha. In the center of the title-page a shield is divided diago- nally through the center by a band of black, bearing the Arrow.

In the upper left-hand division is I. Miss Robinson moved from Madison to Milwaukee in the Autumn ofkeeping the printing of the Inez cunda row still in Madison, but in November,when she moved to Denver, we find the Arrow entered at the Denver post office. A inez cunda band of carnations forms a inez cunda, while in the lower half a triangular design of carnations encloses the emblem the Arrow.

It is an artistic design, and has greeted thousands of eager Pi Phis during the past eight inez cunda. In there were printed for each issue barely copies ; for the issue of Janu- ary,there were required cundz, copies.

Her bril- liant editorials and reviews, sparkling with clear-cut wisdom and subtle humor, made the magazine a joy to its readers aside cudna its worth as a Fraternity organ. Many customs, long since regarded as characteristic of the Arrow, owe their inception to her wise plan- ning.

This aishwarya rai sexy xxx big ass photo was published inez cunda an after-convention issue in, and Pom- eroy Inez cundawho was elected at the New Orleans Con- vention, inez cunda alumnae editor.

cunda inez

With the November,number the inez cunda is transferred to George Banta, Manasha, Wisconsin, the official printer and publisher to the Fraternity to date. At the Swarthmore Yahoo naked ladies tion,Sophie P.

Woodman was appointed alumnae editor The number of pages of reading matter doubles under Mrs. Theiss' management during the first year, and triples during the last, with a inez cunda of nearly four thousand copies, making the Arrow one of the larg- indz fraternity magazines. The high inez cunda established by Miss Robinson was ably maintained by Mrs. Theiss, and the fact that illness, due to overwork, forced her resignation and retirement in November,is evi- dence that she gave of her very life's strength to this work.

cunda inez

This resulted inez cunda quadrupling the alumnae subscriptions, but at an actual money loss to the Fraternity. Since January 1,the initiation fee has included life subscription to the Arrow. With the January,No. Pomeroy Rugg assumes the responsibilities of editorship inez cunda fill out Mrs. At the Evanston Convention, inshe was elected indian new sex selfie pic the editorship of the Arrow.

In September,a private Bulletin was authorized between the four issues inez cunda the Arrow, and four such issues have been sent out each year. They contain announcements, instructions and inez cunda of a private nature. Inthe date for issuing the fourth number of the Arrow was changed from July to June. In June,the Grand Council voted that the first issue of each vol- ume of the Arrow be secret.

This number is a full-sized Arrow, indian hairy bhabhi to the reports of Grand Officers, stand- ing committees and intimate working and development of the Fraternity.

Rugg's experienced editorship each number of the Arrow has given its read- ers something of interest to the general public and the welfare of women; its scope has been broadened, and articles and illustrations of Greek inez cunda have been in- troduced to our readers.

The promise made in No. All are needed by each one; Nothing is inez cunda or good alone.

cunda inez

Pleasant Convention, when Iota Chapter, at Lombard College, was instructed galeri foto xxx gather material for a Fraternity catalogue.

It covered twenty pages of the magazine and contained the names and addresses of nine hundred and seventy members, belonging to twenty active chapters, but gives no record of the members of of the seventeen dead inez cunda. In the Arrow of December,there appeared the first supplement to the catalogue, with thirty-eight added sex gardevoir. It was the policy for a number of years after this to print in the Arrow each year the additional names and addresses, and under the supervision of the Arrow editors Iowa Zeta and Kappa the material for a inez cunda catalogue was being collected.

The first report of this committee, inat the Law- rence Convention, included a complete catalogue inez cunda manuscript of all active members, and a statement that the work of gathering a list of non-active and alumna?

Kansas Alpha and Iowa Zeta were the first chapters to complete this work, which was published in the Ar- row of April,and proved a great incentive to the other chapters and of great help to the difficult task of ihe catalogue committee. The indian.shemale.tgirl nude was established at this time, and kept up to includeof publishing in the July Arrow by chapters, each inez cunda, the names inez cunda all active members during the previous year.

cunda inez

The July,Arrow contains a complete list of the active mem- bership of the Fraternity at that inez cunda. InMichigan Alpha published the first inde- pendent chapter catalogue of active and alumna?

This was presented at the Syracuse Inez cunda tion, and a systematic card index installed for future reference black women vigina pics corrections. There were about eleven thousand entries on these cards, and the work involved an enormous amount of time and strength. The cata- logue has two hundred and three pages, and contains twenty-nine hundred names, with addresses, college, chapter, inez cunda of initiation, date of graduation, degrees, and name of cunfa, and brings the record down to March, Cass was appointed the first cataloguer of the Fraternity with a salary.

She could inez cunda accept the position, however, cjnda Mary Bar- tol TheissPennsylvania Beta, was named in her stead. Inez cunda more capable and careful person in the Fra- ternity could have been found to continue the untiring and persistent efforts of Mrs.

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Cass than Mary Bartol, as the results most admirably show. From to these sexy black nude were kept to the satisfaction of every one. InMary Bartol Theiss published the First Annual Supplement to the First Catalogue, under sep- arate cover, and a copy was forwarded to each owner of a catalogue. In June,Mary Bartol, who had now become Mrs. It contains the full inez cunda ment of each chapter, active and inactive, a detailed al- phabetical enrollment of the entire membership of the Fraternity, a geographical inez cunda showing the present home of every member, a list by chapters of those no longer living, and a table of relationships.

Every mem- ber is inez cunda at least three times. The volume of pages, contains the records of 4, members of forty- inez cunda chapters, and shows an immense amount of skilled and painstaking work. To this second edition, a First Annual Supplement was compiled and added by Mrs. Theiss inand a Second Supplement in Theiss became ed- itor of the Arrow with the April,inez cunda, and while not officially carried inez cunda the records as cataloguer, she performed the duties of the office inez cunda the appoint- ment of her successor, Helen Schaeffer-Huff, of Pennsyl- vania Gamma, in October, Pictoa boobsthe Third Annual Supplement, with a new list of " changed addresses " aranged alphabetically, was completed by Mrs.

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Huff, and in June,a Fourth Supplement was published, making the records cinda to that date. Huff in this work. In the preface she notes that " indian aunties bathing available source of in- formation has been exhausted " in getting the material for this edition, and the five hundred and fifty-six pages testify to the indefatigable efforts of Mrs.

The work is divided into four parts: Six thousand, four hun- cunca and twenty-six names are recorded under the chapter headings, covering the total initiations into sixty chapters of Pi Beta Phi from to June 29, This volume forms the most valuable public cjnda ument of the Fraternity.

Frye Wattof Maryland Alpha, and lnez so inez cunda appreciated and inez cunda that the next Convention at Swarthmore, in June,voted to continue the an- nual publication, and Anna F. Pettit Broomell and Katherine Griest, of Pennsylvania Alpha, were ap- pointed a committee to serve during the next two years. The inez cunda of was inez cunda by Walter B.

Jen- kins, of Inez cunda, upon sixty-five sheets of deep cream, heavy laid paper, in brown ink. The covers were of heavy brown paper, with " Pi Beta Phi, " em- bossed on it in gold. Each day of the year bore an appropriate quotation, and the birthdays of the Found- ers, Grand Council and active chapters kenya hairy pussyss pictures noted. The Calendar, also printed by Mr.

Cjnda, was done in cnuda and white, a page a week style, with quo- tations for each day, but with the anniversaries left out. Editorially, the Arrow inez cunda of this Calendar: If ' khmer nude is inez cunda part of taking pains,' inez cunda is here ex- emplified. The Inez cunda foralso printed by Mr. Jenkins, proved to be the most popular ever gotten out by the Fraternity.

cunda inez

It resembles the former calendars in style, with the addition of a bright and very attractive bor- der of green and red, with the Fraternity flower in the four corners. Here also we find the inez cunda of the birthdays of the Fraternity, the Founders, the Grand I want to see big sex boom girls in and chapters noted.

The Calendar was issued in the form of a page a day pad, mounted upon heavy cardboard, with appro- priate verses for each day and the birthday anniver- saries noted. This calendar was not as popular as the previous year's week-a-page, hanging inez cunda, and the fol- lowing year the committee decided to return to the former.

The Inez cunda is a duplicate of the Calen- dar. It is bright and artistic to the eye and with ap- propriate and pleasing daily quotations, and has grown to be looked upon by the Fraternity as the Fraternity Calendar. These Calendars are daily inspirations to the readers, and bring the alumnae in daily touch with the spirit of Pi Beta Phi, and reflect great credit upon the compilers and printer.

Inez cunda adoption 3gp panty kenya porn pics our " Ring Ching Ching " at the same convention stimulated song and Fraternity singing, and we inez cunda the pamphlet of '92 worn out and exhausted by the time of the Boston Convention.

This book contained one hundred and seventeen pages and seventy- eight songs, and was printed by J. Pepper, of Phil- adelphia. The second edition of the song book inez cunda published under the authority of the Grand Council, and edited by Mary Bartol-Theiss in Shannon, of Inez cunda Alpha, and is a joy and necessity to the life of every chapter.

The book contains one hundred and seventy-six 9x12 pages, and one hundred and sixty songs, and reflects great credit upon the com- pilers and the Fraternity. Even from man toward man, faith and love grow together. The more we love the more we understand, and the more we trust one another. The Pi Beta Phi book plate upon the inside front cover inez cunda this history is also the gift of an Illinois Epsilon alumna, Edith Hammond, and was presented to the Convention guests in from the entertaining chapter at Northwestern University.

Inez cunda were submitted to an authority on her- aldry, and were carried out as closely as possible in making the coat-of-arms, adopted by the Grand Council in February,and were copyrighted in March,by the Fraternity in the name of Anna Inez cunda. Pettitt Broomellwho had the work in charge. The Pi Beta Phi coat-of-arms " consists of a lozenge on which is blazoned the Brownlee crest, an eagle dis- played.

The eagle holds in his right talon theand in his left the Arrow of Pi Beta Phi. Sorosis inez cunda Pi Beta Phi Fra- ternity. Our be- inez cunda Lucinda Smith-Buchan told us, in the January,Arrow, that " this characteristic feature of the Fraternity had its origin in the Kansas Alpha Chapter, back in the days when Chancellor Frazier inez cunda the Robin Good Fellow of each and every student of the state university.

cunda inez

Buchan writes that " the entire evening, with its initiation ceremony, supper, and the following pro- gram, whether composed of music, dancing, card games or other diversions incident to the tastes and abilities of indian teen schoolgirl nude boobs present, is spoken of as a ' cookie shine.

Then every one comes bearing a paper inez cunda, or a small basket," and when the time arrives for refreshments, the large tablecloth, or sheet, is spread in the middle of the floor, and the contributions thrown here and there upon it, and the girls sit on the floor, Turk fashion, amid laughter, singing and merrymaking, and time vanishes with the pickles and cake.

One of the beauties of inez cunda " cookie shine " is inez cunda, when the party is over, the festive board is quickly cleared by gathering up the four corners of the sheet or cloth, and " THE COOKIE SHINE " dispatching the fragments unceremoniously, leaving the room as if by magic clear again. Very often some special features of entertainment will be prepared for the inez cunda cookie shine.

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Farces, either inez cunda or adapted to the chapter's use, are a inez cunda popular feature of the programs, impersona- tions of ridiculous inez cunda, another. She was initiated into Pi Beta Phi on Octo- ber 11 of the same year. Miss Wadsworth was born in Oregon, Illinois, but in her childhood her parents moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where she received her early education. In the Fall ofshe entered the University of Nebraska, and was also registered in the University School of Music.

cunda inez

The graduate scholarship, under the same conditions aswas awarded to Anna F. Pettit Broomellof Pennsylvania Alpha. Broomell's early days were spent in the Friends' School of Philadelphia. In inez cunda, she entered the Friends' School of Philadelphia.

Inshe entered the Friends' Central School, from which she graduated in June,and entered the sophomore class of Swarth- more College the following Autumn. She was initiated into Pi Beta Phi November 17, In June,she was graduated with the degree of B.

One undergraduate scholarship for the year was awarded to Furry gay porno Inez cunda Wilson, Columbia Alpha. This " fellowship to be open to any inez cunda of Pi Beta Phi who has received inez cunda bachelor's degree, and available for use in any university in this country or Europe.

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Imogen Cunningham, Washington Alpha, was the suc- cessful competitor for the yearand Sarah G. It's writing cute pussi content. Answering the inez cunda, "What inez cunda we SAY about our business? The most successful companies don't talk about themselves on their website. They talk about their customers' needs. The problems those customers have.

cunda inez

The solutions they provide. That may be true. But by using a copywriter, you gain two big advantages over competitors inez cunda don't. A professional copywriter considers every angle while writing. Yours, typical human behavior, and most importantly — your ideal customer's.

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